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Hey! I'm Sophie, I'm 20 years young and live in Leicester.

You can usually find me at a gig in the photo pit or shopping for another new outfit which definitely won't fit in my wardrobe.

Enjoy looking around my blog!

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London Haul

Let me start off by saying that my camera has about 4000 pictures in it from the past week. That's pretty much how busy I've been! It has been super fun though, I've had the Blogger Evening and a lot of excitement for my school trip to London. Speaking of London, I bought an absolute tonne of stuff which I'm going to showcase to you today. So lets start!

To start off I'm going to talk about my purchases at the Hard Rock Cafe. It was way to expensive in their so I settled for these. I bought faux skin felt tote bag for £3.25 which I thought was pretty reasonable. I also bought these two braided bracelets with the logo on for £2 each. one is white and one is black so me an my sister have matching bracelets which is cute!

Next I spent a good £70 something on make up which is not normal for me but I couldn't resist! Before though, I bought some Pinta Colada Body wash from The Body Shop which I absolutely adore. This cost me £5 but since I had a voucher I got it free which was quite nice.

This mascara is from 3INA and it's The Volume Mascara in brown which you can purchase at £8.50. I've never shopped at 3INA before and I've never tried brown mascara so I thought I'd give them both a try. I love them bother, this mascara is lovely and does my eyes wonders, that's not something I say lightly as I love my eye make up!

My country, I don't think, have many KIKO MILANO's and I've heard about how amazing they are. So when I found one in Covent Gardens I just had to go and look. Plus they had an up to 70% sale on, which is why I bought quite a bit. How could I pass up an event like this? Anyway, I picked up a Artist Eyebrush Duo which looked fab and it is. This cost me £3.50. I also bought a lot of eye shadows from the CLICS Infinity range (the colour listings will be below) and these were £2.80 each. I didn't realise that you need some palettes for them so i'll be ordering them tonight! As well as these, I bought two nail polishes which were so lovely, they cost me £2.50 each.

Yes, I have obviously been waiting for a Naked pallet for ages, like everyone else! I couldn't really afford one of the bigger ones so I settles for a £23 Naked 2 Basics from Urban Decay. I am so happy, the colours are gorgeous and the whole think is just so cute! The woman that served me was so nice too, luckily it didn't break whilst I was finishing the trip.

There is so much hype about NARS and their lip products so I had to pick something up! I was originally going to get another colour but they didn't have it in so I chose this one (Dolce Vita). It's a lovely pink which looks pretty natural on my lips, it lasts for ages too! This cost me £19.50 which I think is a bit too expensive for lip gloss but it's NARS so....haha! Oh well!

And finally, I couldn't resist this little necklace in Jack Wills. It was originally £9.50 but I bought it for £5 in the sale! It is so adorable and I think it will go with any outfit so I'm sorted until it starts to tarnish really bad. It is basically 5 small hearts in gold and silver on a chain, which you can obviously see in the image above. I just can't get over how cute it is!

Here are some images of the colours produced from my KIKO products and my Urban Decay pallet. 

Skimp is there, I promise! It's just that it matches my skin tone!

I hope you liked this post! There are some of my other pictures from London on my social media so be sure to check that out too!

Until next time...

Sophie xx


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