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Hey! I'm Sophie and I'm a Creative Media Student from Leicester.

You can always find me listening to music and browsing the latest eyeshadow palettes (preferably the pink ones!).

Enjoy looking around my blog!

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Friends? What Are They?

I'm always asking myself, 'How long is this 'friend' going to stay with me?'. My whole school life I have never had a friend that I could say that I could trust and who would additionally stick by me. 

I have many insecurities, as many of you reading this do, and the people around me in my social life don't help. When I reached high school, I thought that I had friends, friends that would stick by me. This one particular friend had been with me since I was eight and we really got along. All of a sudden, we reached high school and she found new friends. My instant thought was 'That hurt, but if you want another friendship I'll support it.' So I let her go for a year or two. I got bullied in my form when they all got changed around in Year 7.

So, yeah. I got bullied for the stupid little things, like being the 'teacher pet' and being a 'Boffin' (Nerd). I got told that I was never good enough because I was more intelligent and mature than the people around me. Even now, in Year 10, I get called a 'b*tch' off of some people. Being bullied is never a nice thing to be a part of - most importantly, a victim of - I wish now that I had told a teacher sooner. What is frustrating is that being bullied is classed as ‘normal’ now when it’s not. Bullying in my opinion is not acceptable, it ruins people’s lives.
Moving back onto the subject I was going to originally talk about: friends. They come and go, as you all know, and it’s never nice to let someone go that you’ve been friends with for ages. Some people you naturally grow apart from, some you don’t. I have realised, from my past, as long as you’re strong enough, you don’t need friends to rely on. Yes, it’s lovely to have a group of friends, I’m not saying it isn’t, but sometimes people can disappoint.

I’m probably making it sound like you should give up completely on people. Please don’t do that. There are people out there who you can give your full trust to, you just haven’t found them yet. You have years ahead of you to find these people.

Trust becomes a big thing in most friendships. I have trust issues, I’m not going to deny it. I feel like everyone is talking about me behind my back and that I can’t tell them anything because they’ll tell someone else. There are reasons why I and most others feel like this. It can be down to family (i.e divorced parents) to someone hurting you in the past like a previous friend. The thing is, for everyone with them, trust issues never disappear, and you just have to work with them. You can never fully open up to someone, which is really frustrating when you want someone to talk to.

All of these issues, for most people, is down to what happens in friendships. When you experience something that terrifies you about trusting people, or being honest, or even being yourself, this progresses into further relations with people. Some people have no thought in how they affect people’s lives – which links back to bullying.

What I am trying to get across, is that people come and go in your life just don't always be reliant on them all the time. Be independent and strong.

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