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Hey! I'm Sophie, I'm 20 years young and live in Leicester.

You can usually find me at a gig in the photo pit or shopping for another new outfit which definitely won't fit in my wardrobe.

Enjoy looking around my blog!

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How To Get Him/Her To Like You Back

Hiya guys! If you have been paying attention to my most recent posts lately, you will see that Teenage Boys and Flirting hasn't moved from the top spot since it has been published. So I thought that I would give you more! For me, I love these kinds of things on the Internet because they are sort of like a guide to help you through crushes and difficult situations. This post is basically all the ways to make sure that he/her notices you and starts to like you back. If you're a guy reading this most of these rules still apply even if I use 'him' all the time throughout, so don't worry! I am actually going to start the post now so I hope you enjoy!

Eye contact - This is the best way to get him to start noticing you. My advice is don't stare at him until he looks at you, just conveniently look at him whilst he is glancing in the direction you're in. Everyone gets eye contact once in a while with someone so it won't be too obvious if you like him - but it'll make him notice you more. If you want to be a bit more flirty with the eye contact, only hold it for 4 seconds and then break it, this will leave him wanting more.

Confidence - If  you find it difficult to be confident, skip to the next section in this post (Smiles). Confidence is all you need to gain yourself attention, I know from experience. Keep your head held high when you're walking - not too high otherwise you'll look like a snob - and walk with a slight bounce in your step. Wear something a little different to everybody else, make yourself stand out a little more. 

Another way of conveying confidence is knowing what you want - say if you don't agree with what a teacher or colleague has said, tell them, just don't make it sound cocky - I would mention something along the lines of 'I get where you're coming from but in my own opinion...'. 

By being confident you will get noticed and liked by most people, you have to be careful however, that you don't come across as arrogant.

Smiles - This is a huge part of making yourself approachable to others. You have an award winning smile, so show it off!! I guy will instantly want to get to know you if he sees you smiling most of the time. Laugh, smile, tell jokes, laugh at yourself when you are embarrassed. By being funny, laughing, smiling the guy you like will notice you more - science tells us that your smile is noticeable from up to 100 meters away so start smiling more! I guy will instantly fall in love with your smile if he likes you.

Appearance - I cannot go on enough about looking after yourself. You need to have a good level of personal hygiene to a get someone to like you. One thing that is noticeable to girls is how a guy smells when he walks past - same goes for each sex. Find a nice perfume that you like and make it 'your smell' (basically, this means every time someone smells it, it reminds them of you). Guys love it when a girl smells nice! Oh, before I move onto fashion, move your hair to show your neck, guys LOVE this!

Fashion is another thing. Guys don't give a damn what's in fashion or not, as long as you look beautiful, he won't care. The motto I live by is 'Always dress like you're going to meet your future husband.'. Of course I do have days where this is an exception, down days are acceptable to the male gender, after all, they're the ones who love down days themselves!

Communication - There are several thing in this category that I
want to mention so start taking notes! I am going to start of with the most simplest form of communication. When you walk by him, smile, wave, say hey, whatever, as long as you let him know that you know he exists and that you exist too! A simple 'hello' or 'see you later' can contribute to a huge change. By doing these little things, he will notice that your making an effort.

Next is face to face communication. When he tells a joke, laugh, even if it's not funny at all! Don't make a huge fuss over it though, just a little laugh or smile will do it. He will like you even more if you laugh at his jokes. 

I know girls like to talk about themselves to try and keep the conversation, don't, ask him questions. Ask him about what he's doing at the weekend, if he mentions something about family, ask him about that. You will find it so much easier if you ask him the questions - he will also love it too as you're showing an interest in him. Just listen. That is literally one way of making him like you.

Be a bit mysterious when you are talking to him. If he is asking you questions, answer them, just make sure in one or two that you don't let out too much. The guy you like will chase after you plainly just because he want to know more about you. It is actually really funny to be part of, I have been in this situation before.

The final thing in this category is to not act dumb. I think this is obvious for all girls (and guys), men love an intelligent woman, so show off your abilities in a conversation, talk about problems in the world, your opinion on certain things. Don't babble on about hair, make up and DON'T inform him about the latest drama and gossip (unless he wants to).

Coincidences - There is a negative and a positive part of this section.  Whatever you do, don't lie and say that you like/dislike something just because he does. 9 times out of 10, you're stuck saying that you like Eminem when you actually hate his music and are a hard core Directioner! So don't lie.

The second thing is a way of making him notice you, is when it's a bit busy in the hallway and he is passing you, bump into him slightly and hold onto his arm to 'balance' yourself. I am 98% sure that he will hold onto you to stop help you. Smile at him, say sorry, wait for his reply (it could just be a small smile) and then carry on walking. The only issue is with this is that you can only use this trick once really, unless you use it months apart from the last.

Flirting - There isn't much to say about this except that it's a great thing to do to get him to like you, just be subtle with you're flirting.

Before I end this weeks post I would like to mention something. Don't change yourself just to make the person you like, like you back. If the guy/girl doesn't like you for you, their not worth your time or emotions. All I want you to take from this is tips. I wish you all the best and I hope this helps you!

Until next time...

Sophie xx

Twitter - @OneUniqueBlog


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