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Hey! I'm Sophie and I'm a Creative Media Student from Leicester.

You can always find me listening to music and browsing the latest eyeshadow palettes (preferably the pink ones!).

Enjoy looking around my blog!

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What's the point of being stressed when it's just going to stress you out even more?

As I have grown older (bearing in mind I only turn 15 in January) I have gotten more stressed over things. Teenage years are the worst for this. Exams, keeping healthy, homework, school, friendships, relationships, family. It all rolls up into one ball and your hormones do not help the situation. When I get stressed, I get frustrated. With the lack of sleep from school this just makes me even worse.

But, I look back at somethings and I think - "Why am I getting stressed out about that?", that's the thing: why am I? Life should be lived with no worry, no stress - you should live a happy life. I do get stressed about when am I going to find time to finish this bit of work off, when am I going to be able to write a blog post, why don't people bother with me. All the things that most-likely all of us stress about, yes, I am normal and yes, time is never on my side. This is where I look at my life and think, no more stress and worrying, this is my life, and stressing is NOT going to pull me away from living it.

Time. They say exercising makes you feel more relaxed, more energetic, but again, when do I have the time? Time is precious, I'd love to do half an hour of exercise every night but school work, tiredness and trying to watch all the programmes I am addicted to ;) doesn't allow me to do so. I believe that doing work after 7 o'clock is forbidden for someone my age. Juggling school work, life outside school, sleep and relaxation time is difficult: hence the

'curfew'. (However, there have been desperate times where that curfew has had to be broken). For me, to de-stress myself from worrying about fitting everything, I set myself a little rota - any small homeworks I have, I should get done in my form time, try and get as much sleep as possible, just small things like that can make a huge difference on how stressed you actually feel.

The dread of exams - the anxiety, the stress, the fear of failing. Ugh! I was saying good luck a few months ago to the people who had to sit their GCSEs, not knowing that I have two coming up in the next two months (don't worry, they are not HUGE). Exams are something you shouldn't worry and stress about, as long as you have revised and understand at least half of what you have learnt in the subject, you will most likely do fine! My maths teacher said to me the other day that you don't actually need to do the A* questions in order to get an A*, as long as you ace all the other questions. In other words, whatever your target grade is, or the grade you want to get, as long as you know most/all of the things below it, you have a high enough chance of getting the grade you want - obviously by knowing the higher grades will pay off a bit more. But what I am trying to say is, there is no need to worry too much about exams...if you got any of that at all.

I am going to repeat this - Life should be lived with no worry, no stress - you should live a happy life.

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