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Hey! I'm Sophie and I'm a Creative Media Student from Leicester.

You can always find me listening to music and browsing the latest eyeshadow palettes (preferably the pink ones!).

Enjoy looking around my blog!

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A Name is Needed

Hi guys! I know I haven't posted in ages, I have had so much on my plate! But I have been thinking in class, there is no names for those people - the ones who you always find in each class. So this post is on the types of people in school/class. I have to tell you this though because it is just fantastic. My friend the other day said that he didn't want to hang out with type of friendship group he had. He then proceeded to say they were 'pigeons'. When I asked him why he called them 'pigeons' he said because they travel in a pack. I honestly though that was the best thing since the 'Plastics'!

Okay, enough of that. Lets get on with the post!

The Smart Mouth

This person is always the first one to correct the teacher, or make a 'smart' comment about something someone has said. Even if it's just a 'Yeah right.' there is always one person who is a Smart Mouth.

The Heads Down

Okay, so this person is kinda like the Geek but not. Personally, I think everyone is a Geek if they tried Heads Down is a nicer way to put it though. This person is always the first to start their work, stays after school to get extra work done, etc. (It's usually me...)

Selfie Takers

I was in Science the other day and I was watching two of my friends doing this. There is always someone who finds the time in a lesson to sneak their phone out and take a selfie of them and their friend. If you haven't seen one of these people yet, just wait.

The Musician

This is more of a stereotypical one. There is always one person - maybe two - who have to constantly tap their fingers, pen, hum, sing, something musical, to keep their mind occupied and interested. There are a few that you are able to deal with but then there is the odd one which you just cannot stand, like can you not?

Hair Obsessed 

Virtually every single girl. When that person gets bored (me) they start to play with the ends of their hair, maybe plaiting it, fiddling with it, tying a bobble around it several times. It is very irritating, but we all know that you are never going to get a girl to stop. However, there is a second part to this category. The complete obsessive one who is always being vain, fluffing their hair, a new style every day, the effortless perfect kind look. There people irritate me the most in the Hair Obsessed category.

Loud Whisperer/Talker

It says it in the name. I don't know how quiet they think they are being, but they sound like a herd of elephants when they were talking. Don't EVER tell them a secret because guaranteed they will say it back to you loud enough for the whole class to hear. The second is this Talker, the one who absolutely never shuts up. Even if their life depended on it, you're screwed for the year if you have to sit next to this person. Good luck for your exams!


What ever you do, NEVER lend any of your belongings to anyone, you probably won't get it back. Basically, virtually every single person will borrow something from someone else and just to conveniently forget to give it back. If it's your equipment, do not and i repeat DO NOT lend any of it to anyone else.

The Comfortable King/Queen

If your school has a uniform, the Comfortable King/Queen is a bit harder to spot. There is always someone who turns up some of the time in their PJs or 'comfortable sweats'. No. It's a school, not your house. If you have a uniform, this is a little more acceptable. The boys will just have a loose tie and the girls will usually have a messy bun and no make up (usually me). Some people are able to go out without make up on - and believe me, it is great! You should be comfortable in your own skin to do this, it also improves your self-confidence a lot! So give it a try!

Master Debater

Always, and I mean always, questions the teacher. Annndddd that teacher falls for it, so you end up with a questioning match the whole lesson - it is so funny!

Leader of the 'Pack'....or class

Every school or class has one of these. The person that rules the ruse. Never speak bad of them or you're in for it....unless someone else doesn't like them either so d- no, don't do it actually, it will most likely get back anyhow. Save the feelings for the diary.

Okay, that is for this post! There will be some great posts coming up soon so keep an eagle eye out for them. By the way, I have official joined Snapchat so add me! I will also do a part 2 of this another time - you didn't think that was all did you? If you have any other types you want me to add, my contact details are below!

Also, if you have any music recommendations, contact me. If you are a band, artist or a management company that are interested in doing an interview with me of any kind, contact me via my email -

Until next time...

Sophie xx

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