Spotted Sunday

Hi guys! I know I haven't posted anything on here or Twitter about my blog in the past few days, School has decided again, to load me with homework and tests. Also, I have been doing a lot of preparation for the next few posts, promise you're going to love them! I have managed to find some amazing talent this Sunday, girls you're in for a treat! As I say every time, go and support these guys, they deserve it! Lets get on with it then!

The Half Eight - Shut Up And Dance, WALK TO THE MOON (cover)

Twitter - @thehalfeight

Tyler Ward and Chris Collins -  Drag Me Down, One Direction (cover)

Twitter - @WeeklyChris

Rezanova - Blank Space, Taylor Swift (cover)

Twitter - @RezanovaBand

Tanner Patrick and Tiffany Alvord- Heartbeat Song, Kelly Clarkson (cover)

Twitter - @TannerPatrick

Henry Gallagher - Butterflies (original)

Twitter - @HenryGallagherx

Concept - Black Magic, Little Mix (cover)

Twitter - @ConceptOfficial

Okay, that is it! There will be some posts up very soon so keep a close eye out for them!

Until next time...

Sophie xx

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