Spotted Sunday

Hi guys! I have found the time today to write this even though I have been loaded with homework. I'm just going to get on with this post but before I do, I want to talk a little about the people featured on here this week! All 6 of these artists don't have many views which is the whole point of Spotted Sunday, they are all AMAZING and deserve a lot more than they already do. If you get bored of their song at the beginning, fast forward a bit because it will get better, I promise you. Okay, I'm going to get on with it now...

Sara Mansilla (martillazo210) - Your Song, Elton John (cover)

kacontini - Royals, Lorde (cover)

Hans Lin (Maricel) - I Love You, Celine Dion (cover)

Kay Sibal - Lay Me Down, Sam Smith (cover)

Paper Rockets - Tidal Waves, All Time Low (cover)

Twitter - @procketsmusic

PYT - Wings, Birdy (cover)

Twitter - @OfficialPYT

Go and support all of them they deserve it! Don't forget.. if you have any music recommendations for me, don't hesitate to contact!

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Until next time...

Sophie xx

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