Unicorn Girl 2000 Guest Post - My Bucket List

Hi guys

Today Unique is unable to write a post but I am here to the rescue! I am the writer of Unicorn Girl 2000, and today I would like to share what is on my bucket list.

Go To Disneyworld – 

This is one of my biggest dreams ever!!!! I believe that Disney is one of the most magical places in the world, I get so jealous when I see Youtubers going there and I wish that it was me. The 4 year old in me wants to go and meet all of the characters and just hug them.

Meet a celebrity –

There are a few celebrities that I know I would die if I met them. But how amazing would it be to meet the person who you love so much. I would love to meet either Tom Fletcher, David Tennant or Ryan Gosling (Leave in the comment who you would like to meet)

Road trip across America –

Me and my friends have always had a vision of us all in a campervan going across America, because how brilliant would it be to see all of America with your friends. Memories that would last forever.

Anyways I hope you enjoyed this post from someone different, and make sure to leave what you want to do before you die in the comments.

Unicorn Girl xxx

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