Spotted Sunday

I haven't posted in like a week! I feel so bad! there was meant to be  a post up yesterday but certain things managed to get in the way of that. I am going to put that particular one up tomorrow. This weeks Spotted Sunday has one artist that I have mentioned before on this blog, ages ago (#1), one was on Britain's Got Talent recently (#2), if you haven't heard of him...where have you been. And the third, I have an interview with which will be up tomorrow! 

Okay, I have literally said so much right there, I'm just going to get on with it now!!

Lewis Canner - Kiss Me (original)

Twitter - @lewisxcanne

Isaac Waddington ft. Connie Mountain - All I Want, Kodaline cover

Twitter - @WaddingtonIsaac

Kalimur (band) - Thieves Of The Night - Acoustic (original)

Twitter - @KalimurBand

Drew Tabor ft. Casey Breves - Shut Up And Dance, Walk To The Moon cover

Twitter - @drewtabor
Twitter - @CasyBrevese

That's all I have for you lot! Go and check them all out, and come back tomorrow for another exclusive interview!

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Until next time...

Sophie xx

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