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Hey! I'm Sophie and I'm a Creative Media Student from Leicester.

You can always find me listening to music and browsing the latest eyeshadow palettes (preferably the pink ones!).

Enjoy looking around my blog!

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My Holiday and Excuses

Hi guys! I am so sorry about the past week, I have been on holiday so I scheduled a few posts but didn't get around to tweeting. Their has been two posts up in the last week sort of period, and I hope you have/do enjoy them.

Admittedly, today was meant to be a Spotted Sunday, but since I have been away and a busy bee, I haven't been able to find the time to spot those lucky people. Therefore, Spotted Sunday is being postponed until next week! Sorry if that annoys you...

Also, I don't really have a plan on what to write about so I am just going to tell you lot what happened on my holiday if that is alright. 

On Friday 17th July, me and my family travelled six hours in the car to try and find the New Forest. It was only meant to take three but we got a bit lost. After finding the New Forest, losing it, finding it again and then losing it for the final time, we ended up in the outskirts of it. Don't ask me how we lost a forest, we just did. When we got there, the first five minutes were great until I found a red ant's nest and then couldn't stop seeing the ants everywhere. After we had hid from our Grandad and swung on a rope swing that my sister found, we headed toward the hotel, which guess what? We lost....

We found the hotel eventually and went for a meal, and Saturday we set off to Christchurch, which is only a few minutes away from Bournemouth.

Throughout the week we went shopping in Bournemouth, went on the pier and watched all the foreign cute guys, went on the beach twice, shopped in Poole, looked around Compton Acres, explored Christchurch, went to Oceanarium, had three pizzas, went to a theme park annnndddd that's about it.

It was a really fun holiday though, I bought lots of stuff and found my look which I love and am comfortable in. Oh! And when I went to the theme park, I went on these little bubble boats, as I was about to get off, I slipped and the man who was helping me had to grab me before I fell head-first into the water, whilst everyone was watching me! Mega cringe!! I also kept seeing this really cute boy around Christchurch when I visited a few times, he was soo fit but we didn't speak. :( 

I had to go to a wedding to yesterday, I only went for the evening though because of travelling. It was hilarious, my uncle was getting married and I danced all night, had a good chat with one of my aunties and then fell out of the car at midnight, scraping my knee. I literally face planted the floor - basically, I forgot that I had heels on stepped on one of the steps to get out of the car (its a really high car) lost my balance and fell. My knee is suffering today...

I'm sorry if that was a really lame post, but I have had a lot on lately. There should be something up again later on in the week however. 

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