What I want to do before I turn 25

Hi guys, so this week I have decided to like a small bucket list type of thing, except it's not a bucket list in a way? What it is, is it's a list of stuff that I want to do before I am 25. This is the first time that I have ever done this so bear with me because it might go terribly wrong! Haha!

I want to get married. I think that early twenties is a good time to get married or at least engaged. I want to have a gorgeous wedding with all my family and friends, something that we can all enjoy.

Have a fake ID. This one is a bit more for the earlier stages of my life, I more than likely won't even use it, but hey ho, at least I can say I have a fake ID in case I ever need it! Not that I will, haha!

Been to Disneyland Paris. This sounds so easy but I have only ever been once and I love to go again, just with a friend when I about 19-23 something around that.

Travel somewhere on a plane. Yep, never been on a plane, I don't think I could go to Australia or America but I would like to go to Italy, Germany, Belgium, anywhere like that! I feel like I need to explore the world a little more, rather than be stuck in the UK all the time. I probably won't fly in a plane for a while though!

Meet at least one of my music idols. I want to sit outside somebody's hotel, follow them around a town, be spontaneous. I have met quite a few famous people but none that I really like or admire.

Like Chinese food. You are probably really surprised that I don't like it but I am one of those really fussy people who doesn't like fruits and vegetables, and loads more. So I want to be able to eat more types of food, especially Chinese!

Own a dog. I adore dogs, little ones the most, they are adorable. My dad owns a dog and she is like my best friend however, I don't get to see here as often as I like. So a dog of my own would be nice.

I want to go scuba diving. I probably won't be able to ever do this but it is one thing that amazes me and that I would love to do!

Be a successful blogger. This has come pretty late into this whole post but hopefully I will be able to have a great blog that people around the world love! I want to inspire people, like others have inspired me.

Own a dance studio. Even if it is my garage, I have always wanted to have a small dance studio with a wall of mirrors, so that I can go and dance whenever I want.

So there you go. That is most of the stuff that I want to have done (other than have a great job) before I am 25! I know that it is Sunday so #SpottedSunday should be coming up within the next few hours but I had a thought. It is extremely difficult to find talent on the internet in a week. My schedule is very busy at the minute because of school, so it got me thinking, maybe #SpottedSunday should become an every other week thing? That way, you will still get the talent that you all want to see, but I get enough time to find it as well! Since it has been Father's Day today, I haven't had time to look on YouTube, so #SpottedSunday will be next week instead, sound good?

Following on from that, if you have any music, blog, YouTuber recommendations, get in contact with me, I would love to hear about them! Don't be shy! The links are below...

Until next time...

Sophie xx

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