Spotted Sunday

Hi guys! Okay, you probably know about #SpottedSunday by now, but to quickly jog your memory...

Spotted Sunday is basically where I find talent off YouTube and share it all with you lot. These people that I find don't have that many views or subscribers and I think that they need the support that they deserve off you guys! So lets start...

Matt Rhodes - When I Come Around, Green Day

Lisa Bakker - Where Do Broken Hearts Go, One Direction
Twitter - @xliiisa___

HummingbirdsOFFICIAL - Boy, Little Mix

Layla Brisbois - Can You Hear Me Now, original song
Twitter - @laylabrisbois7

That is all for this week! I hope you enjoyed them all, there will be a post up again soon, so look out for that! Don't forget to go and follow me! 

Until next time...

Sophie xx

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