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Hey! I'm Sophie and I'm a Creative Media Student from Leicester.

You can always find me listening to music and browsing the latest eyeshadow palettes (preferably the pink ones!).

Enjoy looking around my blog!

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Beauty Hacks That I Love To Use

Hiya guys! So I decided to do a post today just because I felt like it. I was wondering what to do it on and then was like 'Why don't I share some of my beauty hacks and quick things that I do in the morning?' 

1) Dealing with split ends. I like to have my hair cut every two or three months, to give it time to grow before it needs an actual cut, but there are moments when your split ends really need to be dealt with. I have see it been done before and would love to try it and that is twisting a piece of your hair tightly, the split ends come loose, you then cut the split ends away. So, if you are having your hair cut soon and are not fussed about if this could go terribly wrong, have a go and see if it works.

2) Eyeliner. So my mum has demanded for me to start wearing eyeliner. Now I hate eyeliner, especially the pencils however, I have bought one of the pens, which is so much easier to handle and work with. You get a smooth finish on both sides, as well as them being even.

3) Beach waves. I absolutely love this technique at the minute, I am not doing it over the next three weeks however, since I don't want to get too many split ends for my prom! To get  lovely, wavy beach waves plait your hair on both sides and heat up your straightener. Straighten your plaits, by pressing down with the tool, and undo the hair when it's hot. Apply a small amount of hairspray and salt spray, give your hair a quick blast from the hair dryer and your ready to go. Do Not Use A Brush!!

4) A more natural look. When using blush and you're contouring, use a powder brush to blend the lot together. This will give you a more natural look. When you do this, as well, brush some of the powder down your neck so you don't get an orange face.

5) Frizz. One thing that really annoys me is bad hair days. If you are like me and sleep on your wet hair and end up with curly/wavy bed hair, then don't panic. The worst thing that you can do is actually brush your hair, I have to comb through it with my fingers and usually pull my fringe/front layers back. this way, your hair won't frizz or look too messy. If you are in a situation where you have to brush your hair or have done by accident, don't worry either, just wet your hair slightly or grab some Frizz Ease (available in most stores) and smooth it into your hair.

6) Clumpy mascara. I hate it when my mascara clumps together. Now though, I have a way to prevent it, all you have to do is blink when applying the mascara and also, when putting it on, push the brush side to side and well as sweeping up.

7) Flawless skin...well, sort of spotless. I know most of you will suffer with acne, spots, pimples, whatever you want to call them. I also know that you want rid of them but can't seem to do it. Believe me, I hated that, however, now I have discovered these little tricks. Of course some still come to haunt me but that's not the point. When you wear make up, actually, even when you don't, always give your face a good scrub with some facial wash in the shower. Once you have done that, grab a make up wipe and wash it again, along side the make up wipe, get a bit of eye make up remover and get rid of all that mascara, eyeliner, brow filler and shadow. Pop a small amount of moisturiser on and you're ready to go!

8) Drying. Most people probably don't know it, but you might be drying your hair wrong. Yes, there is a wrong way to blow dry your hair. And yes, there is a wrong way to towel dry your hair. If you are ever going to towel dry your hair, avoid the towel and use a white, cotton tee. Believe me, you will see a huge difference. When you are blow drying your hair, start from the top of your head (scalp) and work you way down to the ends. Also, if you have time, leave your hair to dry 90% naturally before you blow dry.

Okay, so that is all I am going to give you for now. Check my blog out again at the weekend for another post! Don't forget to follow me on Twitter, Instagram, etc!

Until next time...

Sophie xx

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