Spotted Sunday

Hi again fellow readers. Today I am going to be....drum roll please...................SIMON COWELL - but a nicer version ;)    There was nothing on TV last night, I did a little hunt for some rare talent. Haha! Okay, but really, I think these people are rather special. So, I thought, why not give them a shout-out? I've got a feeling that this, is going to become a regular thing.... only if you guys help me! Contact me about any new talent that you have come across, I may include it in my posts...Spotted Sunday!


Nicole Hernaez - cover of 18 by One Direction


Hannah Kerry Smith - cover of Kisses For Breakfast by Melissa Steel

Emily Jane Hazell - cover of Tenerife Sea by Ed Sheeran


After Life - cover of Cecilia by The Vamps
( I love you guys :)))  )


Albert Prigodich - Youtuber - 10 Things That Make A Girl Attractive

Go and check all of these out, they are truly amazing. Give them your support!

Until next time!

Sophie xx

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