Seven Weird Facts About Me

Hi guys! I wanted to do a small update halfway through the week so I was like, why not? When I was thinking what to write about today I thought about how you don't really know much about me as a person. So that thought developed into weird facts, so here I am writing seven weird facts about my self. I am just going to go straight into it.

  • I am allergic to most land animals apart from dogs. I am terrible at farms with hay-fever as well! 
  • I take photographs of cute boys sometimes. Haha...sorry, out of habit. :)
  • I hate fruit and vegetable, I really want to like them though. :(
  • I do a good Elmo impression.
  • I'm constantly embarrassing myself in public. And when I mean embarrassing, I mean tripping and knocking over loads of glass cups in front of everyone in the lunch hall. not farting in public.
  • I prefer the car journey more than anything else.
  • I have bigger sized feet than most of the boys in my school...

So there you go. Seven weird facts about myself. That is my small update, I hope you all enjoyed it and there will be a much bigger update later on at the weekend! Don't forget to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Bloglovin'! Love you all

Sophie xx

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