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Hey! I'm Sophie and I'm a Creative Media Student from Leicester.

You can always find me listening to music and browsing the latest eyeshadow palettes (preferably the pink ones!).

Enjoy looking around my blog!

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Hi guys, so I might or might not post this since I am busy with studying, but if you are reading this, then I love you and I posted it! Haha! Okay, a few days ago I went and bought a new foundation, mascara and eyebrow mascara, just because I wanted to. I have been using them since Thursday and so far the final look has been pretty good, so why not share the product names with you guys?

First up is a new product from Rimmel London and it is their Wake Me Up foundation. With my skin, I got it in the lightest shade and it is perfect. It makes your skin look brighter and more flawless, I love it!Also, it has Vitamin C in which is brill, it also includes SPF 15 for that little bit of extra protection during the day. Great for when I am outside at school, because I am terrible for getting sunburn on my cheekbones, with this, at least I am a tiny bit protected! 

Next is Rimmel London's newest Wake Me Up. I like it because it smells of cucumber. The brush is curved so it adds volume to your lashes and it does just that. It looks like my eyelashes are naturally long
now, also, this mascara does wake up your whole look in the morning.

Last is Maybeline New York Browdrama mascara. This is in transparent for me and it great. The brush is hilarious, I don't know how it affects your look but it's amazing. I was running out of some brow mascara and I bought this without thinking, one of those purchases that I haven't regretted!

So that is all today, I have to start studying now! I have a lot to do today, including clearing my phone for next week. I was thinking about maybe doing a little video/vlog type thing on my adventures on Saturday. Make sure to watch out for that if I do it!

Any recommendations let me know! Comment, tweet, or visit my site!

Until next time!

Sophie xx

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