A Catch Up

Hi again guys! So yesterday was this weeks main blog update, but as it was a special one I decided not to put anything else in it. Therefore, I am doing a post today about everything that I need to catch up on. 

If you saw my Twitter on Friday, I mentioned that I have some news, not too important but I wanted to share it with you all! Basically, before Easter my school held something called Charity Week, this is where every class in the school hold a little stall to help earn money for charity. This year we all did record breakers. You have probably guessed by now that I won some of them. Haha. Yes, I did win some record breakers, two to be exact. I got the fastest time in the school to put a double cover on a duvet, also, I won the highest block tower made out of Lego bricks in one minute (we had to do it one handed). So I won two medals on Friday for them, the picture is below.

Moving on to cutting out Facebook. It has been getting harder, I have to admit! Although, there have been a few times when I have had to go onto Messenger concerning family and some friend issues. I did break one of the rules but, I am not going to go on it again for the remainder three weeks. Yeah! *mini fist-bump*

Last thing, go and check out this guy, he makes music (Obvs) he is called Antixx click his name for his Twitter! 

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