Braids for Summer

I decided that I wanted to update soo badly that I would. I've spent all night sitting down on my bedroom floor demanding my mum to do different braided hairstyles. Most of them are twists on ones that I have seen on Pininterest, making them easier for any of you. I am just going to show you some pictures of them and I want you guys to comment or tweet me on which hairstyle that I should wear to my Prom. These styles are not just for Prom, they are here to inspire you to do something different with your hair this Summer! It is only a quick update but I need your advice, don't be afraid to e-mail me, comment or tweet me, I need all the help that I can get! Also, if you decide to have a go at any of these styles, tweet pictures of your attempts, another thing is that if you want to know how to do any of these hairstyles (done by my lovely mother), just say so and in my next update I will tell you all how it was done! Okay then...lets start!

Don't forget to tell me which ones you like, I like the one with the white flower that is in my hair, I also like the one with the peach bow too.  Tell me what you think about them! I'm going Prom dress shopping in a couple of weeks, I will take some photo's and do a small update, showing you all the dressed that I try on, where they are from and how much they are. 

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Thanks guys, bye!

Sophie xx

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