How To

So today, I have decided to post a blog on how to get a simple yet fun, back-to-school look. I have created an image which I will take you through step by step. Here you go...

  • Find a fun/slogan/logo tee and look at the main colours.
  • Pair it with a plain pair of trousers, a skirt, shorts, etc, White or black are usually a good option.This will keep the look simple.
  • Incorporate the main colours into your make-up (red lipstick, blue eye-shadow, etc) or by using hair accessories.
  • Add a pair of shoes that don't stand out too much, also a bag. The bag can be any colour that goes with your chosen outfit but here, I have chosen a brown bag to go with the shoes.
  • Put on some gold rings and any other piece of jewelry you wish to pair with your outfit.
Your look is now completed. :-)

On the topic of school, I have to go back to school tomorrow, lets just say I don't want to. I swear, my school life is so boring, you couldn't even imagine it! Who else has the annoying issue of all the teachers expecting the best out of you all the time? It's horrible. You do one thing wrong and it goes all around the school in like, 10 minutes. The girls in my school to...don't even get me started. Tell me about what your school life is like, I'd love to find out and see if I'm not the only one ( bit of Sam Smith there ;-) )!

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Until next time my little minions.


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